NGP is an “ecosystem of collaboration”, bringing people together to develop solutions that have an impact at a landscape scale.

WWF Forests Forward programme invests in sustainable forest landscapes, implementing the NGP concept.

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New Generation Plantations Technical Assistance
@NGP_TechAssist - 25 Jan
RT. #Ghana 🇬🇭 received its first payment of $4.862M from the World Bank's Forest Carbon Partnership Facility for reducing carbon emissions. The country is set to receive up to $50M for 10M tons of CO2 emission reduced through 2024.
New Generation Plantations Technical Assistance
@NGP_TechAssist - 24 Jan
Invest in communities, invest in nature and the returns on this investment will be sustainably visible for people and planet.
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New Generation Plantations Technical Assistance
@NGP_TechAssist - 23 Jan
Remember earlier this month when we launched a website of our sister company (iNovaLand Ltd) that manages the funds and contracts for all the projects we implement? Well, iNovaLand is now also on #LinkedIn . Visit and follow. #forests #Sustainability

We believe in a new generation of plantations in harmony with people and nature.

NGPTA originate and manage projects to make well-managed, inclusive and profitable plantations a reality